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The problem  is with T400 (model description in the bottom) running Vista Ultimate x64 SP2. I get huge delay before it starts to boot from HDD (3-10 minutes). This happens right after post, when it is a blck screen with the blinking line in the top left corner, before the Vista loading appeares. HDD can be the only boot device in the boot order, it doesn't matter.


Another problem happens at every restart. Windows shuts down, goes to black screen and hangs there. I see no POST in this case. I can only hard-reboot it, after which I get the same huge boot delay, before windows shows options for Safe Mode, etc. because of the incorrect shutdown (or automatically proceeds to normal startup).


I've run all the PC Doctor tests, the hardware is ok. I've updated to the latest BIOS, HDD and ODD firmwares and all the new drivers. All vista patches on the lenovo download page seem to be a part of SP2 now, since all of them say they can not be applied to the system.


I don't want to run XP or Vista x86, since I'd like RAM to be used at its full capacity.


Ensure system has been updated to the latest level of BIOS available on the Lenovo support site.  Check the boot order settings in BIOS to ensure hard disk is first.


1. Remove harddrive from the laptop

2. Boot it up till it stops at some prompts

3. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del so the laptop restarts


If it stalls/freezes on a blank screen and does not restart then it is not a Windows Vista problem, since the harddrive is not there, but a hardware problem which you'd have to return and get fixed.


If it restarts right away then try to format and reinstall Vista.

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