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Blue Screen Again
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Unable to change default homepage? It's your Browser Guard that's the problem...

If you dig into your memory, you'll remember a program (called Lenovo Browser Guard) had popped up asking about what default home page you'd like your browser(s) to be set to.  Well, I vaguely remember it because I was working when that stupid thing popped up.  And to get rid of it, I quickly and mistakenly typed in instead of as my homepage.  So the question was how do I change this setting??  It doesn't work if you just change it in your browsers.  Lame...  This Browser Guard has had me perplexed for days because I thought my new computer had a virus or maleware already!  Nothing I do in my browsers changes it back!  Firefox was changeable, but IE and Google Chrome remained stubborn...  I hate you Browser Guard.


It seems the only solution I've found on this forum was to uninstall Lenovo Browser Guard from your Control Panel (Windows 8.1 -> Search -> Control Panel -> Add/Uninstall Program... etc.).


BUT I would like to find out how in the world do I CHANGE the Lenovo Browser Guard settings?  I have spent 2 hours searching on Google and nothing comes up on how to accesss the dumb thing's settings!  I am not about to give up without knowing the answer.  If someone knows how to change the settings on the dumb thing, PLEASE drop a line here...  Just put me out of my misery already.  Lol.

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Re: Unable to change default homepage? It's your Browser Guard that's the problem...

Hi zenzinin,

Welcome to Lenovo Community.

I do not use Lenovo Browser Guard and am not aware of any settings for the application. It appears to be very similar to Search Protect by Conduit. 

There was some discussion here in June and July:


Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Pale Moon browsers all have safe browsing features.


If no one replies with information related to Lenovo Browser Guard settings, as a more comprehensive alternative to LBG, you may want to consider uninstalling it and installing WinPatrol. It has settings that can be configured to meet your needs. I use it and have been very happy with it.


"What Does WinPatrol Do? The popularity of WinPatrol is based on its ability to detect and prevent changes to important Windows settings. You’ll be notified if unwanted programs are set to automatically run, if a toolbar has been added to Internet Explorer, if your home page, search provider or other internal configurations change. When a new Service or ActiveX component is detected it may be part of a legitimate program. WinPatrol will make sure and if it isn’t, you can tell WinPatrol to disable it. Just adding a program won’t cause a notification but when a program is configured to run without your knowledge, WinPatrol will let you confirm the change is expected. The techniques used to prevent changes were first developed by BillP Studios over 16 years ago. Feedback from supporters and researching new attacks has allowed WinPatrol to grow while continuing to run quietly in the background."


I hope this helps.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Unable to change default homepage? It's your Browser Guard that's the problem...

what is the browser guard?


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