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Unable to delete hiberfil.sys on SSD on Win 7


I am trying to conserve space on my Y580's SSD, and deleting the 6Gb hibernation file seems the logical course of action as I don't use the feature but try as I may, I am unable to remove the file.



I've tried:

Disabling hybrid sleep in the power options,

Disabling anything Hibernation related whatsoever in power options - this no longer shows up as an option anymore

Running an elevated Administrator command prompt to  disable it (powercfg /hibernate off)

Entering Regedit and Putting 0's for any and all values (Hibernateenabled = 0)

Changing the permissions on the file itself to allow me to delete it (but it returns instantly)

Rebooting with all non-Microsoft services and all startups disabled (clean boot)


I am running Windows 7 x64 Home Premium.



To delete the hiberfil.sys file on Windows 7, follow the instructions from Microsoft:


Right-click Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator." Then the command will work.

Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories
Right-click Command Prompt
Select Run as administrator
Grant permisssion to change system settings
In this privileged command prompt window, enter: powercfg -h off


If the above fails, a community user offered a tip: if you can delete the file, create an empty hiberfil.sys and set permissions to deny for every user.

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