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I have a question regarding the Windows XP product key.


I have two Thinkpad T23. The first one came with a product recovery CD (Windows XP Pro) and it works without problem. However, the second T23 I just bought didn't come with preinstalled operationg system. After checking on Lenovo website with the machine type number it shows me that my second T23 is a model that equipped with Windows XP Pro. So I used the productrecovery CD from my first T23 to restore the second T23 to factory setting.


Now that both T23 are running Windows XP Pro I check the WIndows XP product key and the product keys from both T23 are exactly the same! Is this normal? Would this harm the Windows Xp license on my first T23? 


Any one knows about this issue? Is this okay?


The recovery disk contains an image of the factory Windows installation. This installation is preactivated before the image is created. You could essentially use that recovery disk on 100 ThinkPad T23 laptops and all of them would have a preactivated Windows installation.

There shouldn't be a problem because both your ThinkPads have generally the same hardware.

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