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Various Windows 8 Issues on Lenovo Ideapad Z570

2013-01-10, 10:33 AM

Hey Guys,


I've done a clean install for Windows 8 Pro on my Lenovo Ideapad Z570, roughly about 1 month after its initial release (Windows 8 that is). Even though Windows is running tip-top on my hardware, I have various software and driver related issues.


First off, I've managed to get the Lenovo Energy Management software onto my laptop (the one for W8), but the following is really bothering me. When I was running Windows 7, I had the option to switch between two different battery modes: (a) Maximum battery performance and (b) Maximum battery life. I always had it on (b) as this was the recommended option to ensure the lifetime of the battery is extended (by only charging the battery to 50% and keeping it there). With the new version of the Energy Management software, I still have those options however when choosing Maximum battery life, it immediately reverts to the first selection. I am not able to select the second option as the software automatically changes it back to the initial selection. I reckon this is a bug in the software but have not received any updates from Lenovo as such.


Secondly, I have installed the Bluetooth drivers issued by Lenovo but the Bluetooth is NOT working AT ALL. With this is the WiFi sharing (where my laptop can act as a hotspot), there are no drivers available for this.


The third issue is the SRS Audio drivers. When I select either option in the SRS Premium Surround Sound option (Music/Movie/Normal), there is NO noticeable change in the audio. Again, it worked 100% in Windows 7 but with the Windows 8 driver the options are there, but does nothing.


When can we expect the appropriate drivers and bug fixes for W8 machines? It bothers me so much I'm actually considering moving back to Windows 7 in order to restore the functionality. Unfortunately over here in South Africa, you pay your butt off for Lenovo laptops (mine was in the region of 8000 ZAR), which is a huge amount to spend once off - I'm not going to buy a Windows 8 ready Lenovo unless this one breaks (and for the record, this laptop is not even 1 year old - since purchasing it).


What I can say is that Lenovo manufactures OUTSTANDING QUALITY laptops, but their software side is a real let down. And so is the technical/development departments who fail to provide W8 drivers and software.


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Re: Various Windows 8 Issues on Lenovo Ideapad Z570

2013-01-11, 2:47 AM

Hello fluxifyj,


I am happy to hear you say that "Lenovo manufactures OUTSTANDING QUALITY laptops". They are ranked as one of the top three PC Manufacturers in the world. Getting back to your issue:


Windows 8 is still very new and just like Windows 7 was during it's initial release, 8 will have it's glitches to work out.


For the Lenovo Energy Management software, try reinstalling it to see if that solves the issue.


For the Bluetooth drivers, Windows 8 features default drivers for every hardware device. Try reverting to the default driver for it. I hope that helps.

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Re: Various Windows 8 Issues on Lenovo Ideapad Z570

2014-08-18, 0:52 AM

Definitivamente es un excelente equipo. No obstante, es lastimoso ver como los fabricantes irrespetan a los usuarios, indicando que el sistema W8 es muy nuevo. al 17 de agosto del 2014, Windows 8 no es nada nuevo, y aún así es imposible obtener nespuesta efectiva del fabricante, con respecto al respaldo de software y drivers.


Por tanto es claro que me he arrepentido de la compra, pues de nada sive un excelente equipo, pero con un mal respaldo en esta área tan importante, en especial porque en computacíon todo es muy dinámico, y lo anunciado ayer como novedad, hoy es una antiguedad.


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