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I just installed the Lenovo Settings Dependency Package on my Thinkpad x220 Tablet with Windows 8 RTM.  But I can't find anyway to "open" it or notice anything different after installing it.  What is its function and how does it work?


The "Lenovo Dependency Package" is a set of prerequisite services/drivers that are needed to use the  Metro app called "Lenovo Settings".  Inside Lenovo Settings you'll be able to adjust power, location, camera, audio, etc settings that are specific to your thinkpad.  This metro app replaces Power Manager, Communications Utility, and Access Connections that you might be used to for Windows7.


By itself, the dependency package doesn't do anything - it just provides the back-end guts for the the metro app.  The metro app (like any other metro app) can only be installed from the MS store.


There is sometimes confusion between two different packages with similar sounding names:


"Lenovo Settings Dependency Package" is for the "Lenovo Settings" metro app.

"Lenovo Dependency Package" is for all the other Lenovo metro apps, e.g. Support, QuickSnip, Companion.

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Does this mean that until the settings app is available, users who have installed Windows 8 onto machines that are were sold with Win 7 cannot use their WWAN cards? 


I have an x220 tablet with a Gobi 3000 and there does not seem to be a way to drive it in Win 8? Any projected release date for this settngs app? 



I'm told I need to install this dependency program so I can turn off the WiFi and NOT turn on Airplane mode. Why would one want to turn on airlplane mode when the WiFi is turned off????? I want to turn off WiFi in some cases, so the unit does not call home, when away from my home router's firewall. See: