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What happened to the Parental Controls web filter and activity reports?              



You might have noticed that in Windows 7, web restrictions and activity reports aren’t included in Parental Controls. You can still restrict the sites your kids can visit and see reports of their online activity by adding a service provider in Windows Parental Controls, such as Windows Live Family Safety. With Family Safety, you can set up web filtering and activity monitoring for your kids, and decide who your kids can communicate with in Windows Live Spaces, Messenger, and Hotmail.


The Family Safety Filter monitors your child’s computer activity and filters the content they can see on the web. It needs to be installed and set up on each computer your children use. To see if you already have the Family Safety Filter installed on your computer, click the Start button, type Windows Live Family Safety in the search box, and see if it appears in the results. If not, you can download and install Windows Live Family Safety — a part of Windows Live Essentials — for free.


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