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Lenovo Staff
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In previous versions of Windows, when I do a Search in the taskbar the results returned are those found on my computer, or network.


Now, when I click on the Search icon and the results generated include those from the internet.

How and why is this so?


The Search function on Windows 8.1 systems utilizes Bing Smart Search on top of scanning through your system and storage solutions, as well as the Windows Store, thus pulling results from as many sources as possible.

To conduct a Search, use the Search Charm.


If you are using a touch-screen

  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen and locate the Search icon next to your account name The Search button .
  2. Type in your Search term(s). A list of suggestions will appear as you do so.


If you are using a mouse, 

  1. You can also access Search by pressing Windows  Windows logo key +S.
  2. If you want to limit your search to your system or Onedrive, press Windows  Windows logo key +F.
  3. If you want to limit your search to only your system, type Windows  Windows logo key +W.

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