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What is the difference between Lenovo XP downgrade CD and XP professional CD I already have?



 I can not run most of my software on my vista based  machine.  I  have the original XP professional installation CD by the way. Anyways, before I shall out any more $ for software, I wanted to know if there any differences between the Lenovo XP downgrade installation CD and the XP professional CD I already have? 



The  OEM XP provided by Lenovo has all the drivers, and it also sets up the service partition which is going to be used for your system recovery when you need them. (Also, the XP downgrade disc or recovery media provided by Lenovo is pre-activated, so there is no activation required once installed).


A regular retail version of XP can be used to create a custom partition layout (Which is not possible with the XP downgrade disks). (A retail XP OS will need to be activated once installed). 

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