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Lenovo Staff
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I am trying to find out my system information on my T420, which is running Win 7, and was told to execute the following:

Run msinfo.exe


I tried looking for the Run option on the menu bar that appears after I press the Start key, but Run option does not appear.

Where is it?


You can customize your Start Menu options so that the Run option appears. To do so, 


  1. Tap on the Start button and  right click on any area on the menu that appears.
  2. Choose "Properties" after right click.


  3. Click on Start Menu tab and then Customize,  followed by checking the Run command option. Click on OK.


  4. You will then see the Run option available on your Win 7 system.


  5. Now, click on that and type msinfo32 and click on OK to see what is in your system:


There is also another way of finding out what is in your Win 7 system. Find out in this article.

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