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Will the ThinkPad X301 run Win7 x64?



I have an X301, type 2776-P8U, with XP Pro on it. I want to install Win 7 64 bit on it. Has anyone done this successfully? Does everything work okay? Anything to be aware of? Thanks.


Yes you can install the windows 7 64 bit OS on it. If you let windows 7 do all the automatic updates, it would download most of the device drivers other than some of the Lenovo specifics listed below which are required to have the full use of the extra features of the X301.  It is probably a good idea to download and run ThinkVantage System update version 4.0 or later.

1. Thinkvantage Fingerprint Reader
2. Monitor driver (otherwise you can't change the brightness with with Fn + Home/End function).
3. Thinkvantage Protection systems (this allows the laptop to park the hdd's head when it senses out of normal motions) <--- this is only necessary if you are using platter hdd, it is not needed if you run SSD.
4. Hotkey Utilities (so you can use the Fn + F2/F3/F4/Fx functions).
5. Thinkvantage Power Manager and Drivers for setting various power plans.
6. Thinkvantage Ultranav


All your X301 related drivers can be downloaded from the following page.

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