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I've never had problems with a wireless connection until about a week ago.  I constantly have to retype the password for all the connections I used to automatically connect to.  This is especially annoying for my campus network, since all the suggested solutions on other forums require going into router settings... Something I can't do.


Additional symptoms:


"Manage Wireless Connctions" always shows empty, even when connected to a wireless network.(Never used it before this issue started, not sure if it ever said anything.)


Can't add a network manually, says "access denied".


I heard of a solution using the Credential Manager, but I don't understand how it would work.  No credentials are loaded for me to delete and reinstall.




Searching for the "wlansvc" folder came up empty because it's a hidden system folder.  The new Win7 search doesn't look for those.  But I did some google-ing for 'win7 "manage wireless connections" "access denied"' and found a forum on the first page with the full path of the folder.

Here's what I had to do:

Change security on the following folder (all folders above this one still had proper security settings, not sure why the "Interfaces" security changed):


Read & execute, List contents, and Read
for Everyone, Users, and Administrators

Full Control
to my user, SYSTEM, and LOCAL SERVICE



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