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I tried to set a password for my laptop but I can't , it said I have to remove something in USB even I didn't put anything on it. 


I went to the Control Panel > User Account >k.  Create A Password Reset Disk. 

Then appear box said "This feature required remove a USB"


Is there a way I can get this issue solved?  


In order to set a password for your Win8 machine, look for "User account" in Control Panel you (Please see illustration below).


installed Win updates-STOCK.PNG


You will need to click on "Make changes to my account in PC setting" (Please see illustration below)



Once you are in this option, you will be able to set a password for your laptop under "Sign In options" 





The "Create a password reset disk" (Found in "User Account Menu") option for your machine is a failsafe for you in the event you have forgotten the password to your machine. In this event a password recovery will be needed and this will require a USB flash drive to create the recovery.

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