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I am trying to clean up after removing a dual boot install of ubuntu.  I only want to retain my Windows 7 OS on my T420.  As expected, after deleting the Linux partitions, Windows wil no longer boot.  I need to access the bootrec.exe and do /FIXMBR and /FIXBOOT commands to enable Windows booting again. 


I have already created my recovery media discs using Lenovo's app.  So I have 1 "boot" DVD and 3 recovery DVD's.  But when I boot from the "boot" DVD the only options I have are to either totally wipe the "C" partition and reinstall Windows 7 or wipe the entire HD and restore the factory default disc image.  I cannot find a way to get to the recovery console that I expected to be an option from the boot disc. 


I cannot boot from disc #1 of the recovery set.  Appears that only the "boot" DVD is bootable.


How do I access the Windows recovery console options to simply repair the MBR.  I do not need to reinstall Windows nor do I want to wipe the Windows OS partition.  I only need to restore the MBR.





You won't be able to use the recovery discs.  You need a regular Windows 7 install DVD retail disc or upgrade disc.


You can download an image from here and burn it to DVD and it will work the same as a retail disc.



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