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I have a problem on my SL400 which cannot YouTube videos displaying the error message "We're sorry this video is no longer available" for all videos. A workaround that I found on the web doesn't apply since I don't have Google Web accelerator installed on my laptop. At the same time, my desktop PC is working fine, so I don't think that it's a network issue.




Try this:


a) Manually run Windows update from your start menu (all programs, Windows updates) to make sure you have all the critical updates


b) Uninstall all antivirus software you have

c) Restore Windows firewall to it's default setting

d) Reboot the computer

e) Using Internet Explorer 7, make sure that you have automatically detect settings unchecked

f) Make sure you have the latest Flash version installed (version 10 at this time)

g) Make sure you have the latest Java installed (should be version 6 release 10, you can Google 'Java verify')

h) Make sure you don't have Google accelerator installed

i) Make sure you don't have Adobe AIR installed

j)  Go to tools, manage add-ons, and make sure Java and Flash are not disabled


Once you have done all that, please restart your computer, then go to this YouTube video that's has been verified on an XP IE7 computer:


If all of that fails to fix the issue, clear your browsers cache by going to tools, then delete browsing history...then choose 'delete all'.  Keep in mind, if you have any passwords saved in IE7, they will all be lost.

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