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Paper Tape
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lenovo ideapad 100-15iby cant install windows 7

So i bought a lenovo ideapad 100 15iby and the computer came with windows 8 i hate windows 8 so i changed to windows 10 but windows 10 is not giving the support that i want in some games or in some programs so i decided to download and install windows 7.At the begining i burned the image with power iso and installed it.The first installation was not sucesfull and it was not giving detailed info in about why it didnt installed so i tried another windows 7 that i downloaded (we talk for 64bit) and that time another problem ocurred when it was finishing copying files it restarted and it was saying boot in windows 10 or in windows setup so i picked the setup it was saying something about a identification signature and if i want to install i must disable it so after a lot of searching i disabled UEFI boot and then and all UEFI i changed to legacy but when i picked windows setup it started with windows 7 flag startup but it didnt boot and quicly a bluescreen popup and it was saying about the bios and for an error 0x00000a5 so i started my research lots of people where saying to disable uefi and secure boot secure boot is disabled and uefi chaged to legacy but nothing i even took the real windows 7 ultimate 64 cd from a friend and i tried the same change to legacy and the windows files where loading and then blue screen again in the windows 7 flag start.

1st I updated the BIOS 

2nd Also i read about GPT hard drive may ocurr that thing 

3rd I also read that i can format the hard drive and try 

I want an answer this thing its making me nervous for first time i had this kind of problem my old laptop was not having any of these problems i want my windows 7 simple and with lots of support in programms and games solve this problem.

Paper Tape
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Re: lenovo ideapad 100-15iby cant install windows 7

i fixed it instrution for all who have the same problem
step 1 go to bios and load default settings press yes to open bios press fn and f2 together fast lots of times or the novo key with something small its the small hole under the heaphone jack
step 2 go to boot and disable secure boot
step 3 go and find UEFI boot and change it to legacy but dont change the UEFI first leave as it is
step 4 in the last section where you press to save changes in the bottom will say something about the os disable it save changes and exit
step 5 burn your windows 7 that you downloaded in iso and install them i used a cd of windows so for me it was easy to boot from cd or usb press fn and f12 or the novo key but the installation from usb must you enabled the legacy usb in bios if you use usb windows only
step 6 dont forget to put the windows 7 64bit drivers in some usb or make a small new harddrive eg i was having the lenovo D thats all
step 7 windows 7 likes to puting old graphics drivers so go and download the last graphics driver and go to device manager and unistall the old driver delete every file (check the box when you are going to unistall it) also because windows 7 likes making your life harder go and disable the option that says let windows pick and install their preferable drivers to disable it go to computer right click properties advanced settings is the last in the left go to hardware and device installation settings and press the second to install drivers only when they are not exist in the computer i hope that helped its the solution that no one didnt told i hope i helped the guys with the same problem
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Re: lenovo ideapad 100-15iby cant install windows 7

Thank you very much dude, you save me today!

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