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y570 Win8 thermal management

Hi all,

          I actually took the plunge and am trying to adjust to windows 8. I found the new RSS feed for win8 drivers. I installed lenovo's new energy management software for win8, but my "moon" button doesn't work anymore. I need to be able to control the fan, especially when gaming as this notebook gets HOT, and the thermal paste on the y570's sucks. Is there a separate piece of software i'm missing? Or is this button just non-functional in win8? If it is can it be remapped? Thanx




Paper Tape
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Re: y570 Win8 thermal management

I also have this problem. In addition, I am unable to set my battery to Optimized Battery Health and there is no dedusting option.

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Re: y570 Win8 thermal management

I have the same problem, and I haven't found solution for this yet. The only workaround is to use old energy management from win7, which still works fine, until lenovo publishes an updated version of drivers.
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Re: y570 Win8 thermal management

I am having similar heat related issues on my t520 too. Hope to get a fix soon. Power manager does not seem to work.


Edit: Found a power management driver on the website.

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Re: y570 Win8 thermal management can you tell me any other problems you have encountered.cause i was waiting for ur updates and reviews before upgrading?.thanks in advance
Paper Tape
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Re: y570 Win8 thermal management


Did this fix the thermal management issue ?? Does the moon button work now. 

I have installed the new Win 8 driver from the site but my one touch thermal buttons do not work. 

Please let me know. 


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Re: y570 Win8 thermal management

Well, I have already told you, with EM for windows 7 everything works fine, including that "moon" button & various fn+f buttons.

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Re: y570 Win8 thermal management

I am having the same problem.  I am unable to adjust my fan speed and my thermal management (moon) button is flashing and does nothing.  I have tried installing numerous EM versions, none of which have addressed the problem.  I'm disappointed that with all of the forums on this topic that Lenovo has yet to release an update to solve this problem.  

Blue Screen Again
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Re: y570 Win8 thermal management

Sadly, it's the middle of 2014 and the issue of incompatibility with Windows 8 / 8.1 on the Lenovo Y570 laptop still persists - and without any apparent resolution from Lenovo.


My laptop came with Windows 7 (OEM) 64bit, when it was initially purchased 1.5 years ago. For security and other personal reasons, I decided to upgrade to Win8.1 64bit and, in doing to, wiped all of the intrinsic Lenovo volumes on the disk.  Everything seems to be working fine, after manually installing the missing drivers - via Windows Update as well as by visiting the Lenovo Download Center.


Speaking of the Lenovo Download Center, there are TWO different sets of downloadble drivers (different versions) at the following two Lenovo pages:

as well as

...and then selecting the Y570 and Windows 8.1 OS.


My present issue, in summary, is that the 2 different versions of "Energy Management" for Windows 8.1 64bit simply DO NOT WORK properly on the Lenovo Y570 and presumably other Lenovo models running Windows 8.x.  In particular, the "OneKey Theater button" (icon is a movie camera) and the "Thermal Management button" (icon is a quarter moon).


Does anyone have an offical and/or proven solution to this ... or is it true that the Lenovo Y570 will never be fully compatible with Windows 8.x ?


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: y570 Win8 thermal management

On a related post within this same forum, users were suggesting installing the Windows7 version of the Lenovo Energy Management software. I tried this on my Y570 but it didn't work. In fact: 1. The "OneKey Theater" (video camera icon) and "Thermal Management" (quarter moon) buttons do not function .. and the Thermal Management button keeps blinking / alternating intensity. 2. Upon logging in with any user account, an incorrect and misleading prompt / pop-up appears with the heading "The batter is unauthorized" which reads: UNAUTHORIZED BATTERY. MAY POSE A THREAT TO SAFETY. ... and it conveniently / insultingly includes a "buy" link to the Lenovo store. What a joke ...
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