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How to get into BIOS in Windows 8

by on ‎12-05-2012 10:36 AM - edited on ‎08-13-2013 12:45 AM by Lenovo Staff (442,219 Views)


I just got my new lenovo G480 laptop pre-installed with windows 8 and wanted to get into BIOS.   I've tried re-starting several times, but I don't see any option for me to access the BIOS like previously in Windows 7.


How do I get the "Press F2 To Enter the BIOS" prompt on the bottom left on the screen? 



Windows 8 doesn't really shut down the laptop completely, but puts it into hibernation state.  This is called "hybrid shutdown", and was invented to speedup subsequent Windows startup.


The F2 prompt on startup, only appears from a true cold boot.   You can force the system to do a true shutdown by accessing the menu, press and hold the shift key and while holding it, select shut down.


Win8 shutdown.png


When you next restart, the F1 or F2 prompt will appear as Windows boots up and you can press it then to access BIOS.


Another option may be to disable hybrid shutdown.  Here is a link with more information.



It is also possible to access these features from within Windows 8.


To enter Setup Utility:


(1) Open the Charm Bar by pressing Windows Key-C
(2) Click on Settings
(3) Click on Change PC Settings
(4) Click on General
(5) Scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced Startup -> Restart Now
(6) Click on Troubleshoot
(7) Click on Advanced Options
(8)Click on UEFI Firmware Settings
(9) Click on Restart


To access the Boot Menu:


(1) Open the Charm Bar by pressing Windows Key-C 

(2) Click on Settings
(3) Click on Change PC Settings
(4) Click on General
(5) Scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced Startup -> Restart Now
(6) Click on Use A Device
(7)  Click on Boot Menu

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What's DOS?

I have figured out how to access the boot menu but am still having trouble booting from a usb flash drive or cd.

I have to boot from the drive in order to access WorkBooth for my job. So far I have been unsuccessful and the Lenovo G580 Windows 8 still starts up in windows.

Switching the boot order does not work.

Removing the battery and replacing the battery to shutdown completely does not work even with the boot order switched.

I really need this to work for my job and wonder if anyone has any advice.

Former Administrator

You may need to create the USB as UEFI bootable.   There is another article on preparing a bootable USB key.

See if this article helps 

Paper Tape

Well what if i want o access boot menu on the startup like old laptops by pressing F10 or F2

I have G500S model


2nd question is what if i install windows 7 and then how i will access boot menu coz windows 7 doesn't have this option of going into uefi settings

Fanfold Paper

This did not work for my on my Yoga 2 Pro.  


The F1/F2 prompt never appears.


Any other suggestions?



Paper Tape

All I am looking for is how to boot from a DVD.


1) "Advanced startup/Use a device/DVD" option simply reboots to Windows.


2) I have tried to change the boot order but "Advanced startup/Troubleshoot/Advanced options/UEFI firmware settings" would not appear (though hibernation and hybrid sleep are both disabled).


I have a H535s in the UK, with pre-installed windows 8.1/64.

Paper Tape

Well, as we can't get no answer from Lenovo, I had to ask somewhere else. Here we go.


Leave this stupid "advanced startup". OK, the effin manual actually says press F1 to get to BIOS.


There you have to change the "primary boot sequence" to read the DVD-RW first.


Then, and this bit is important, save this, go back one level in the menu and change the CSM (i.e. compatibility support module) option to "enabled". And make sure the rest of the options that now become highlighted say "legacy mode first". Press F10 a.k.a. "save and exit" and there you'll have "ye good olde" backup disc booting next time for ya.



What's DOS?


I've an Ideapad s510p.

within Pc setting, I can not find "General"

In other words, i follow this path

(1) Open the Charm Bar by pressing Windows Key-C
(2) Click on Settings
(3) Click on Change PC Settings

but it's impossibile to "Click on General" as I havent this option and so I can not accesso to BIOS.

How can I do?






Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Under Win 8.1, the Advanced Setting is under Update and Recovery > Recovery > Advanced Startup.