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Windows 8.1 - SecureBoot isn't configured correctly message after updating

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Started ‎10-25-2013 by
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Windows 8.1 - SecureBoot isn't configured correctly message after updating

by on ‎10-25-2013 12:28 PM - edited on ‎11-19-2013 01:00 AM by Lenovo Staff (52,468 Views)


After updatinging via windows store to Windows 8.1  I get the watermark:

"Windows 8.1 SecureBoot isn't configured correctly Build 9600"



I've gone to the BIOS, tried enabling secure boot, disabling, restoring factory keys but nothing solves the problem.

The command (administrator windows powershell) Confirm-SecureBootUEFI returns false.



There may be multiple ways to resolve this.  Here are two possible approaches:


Solution 1

Microsoft has released a KB tip for this issue. Check it out here: 

Update removes the "Windows 8.1 SecureBoot isn't configured correctly" watermark in Windows 8.1 and ...


Solution 2

Do a full shutdown - (hold shift while selecting shutdown)

Restart and enter BIOS (F1).
Go to Security > SecureBoot > enable it.
Note: This will also disable CSM and set unit for UEFI Only startup. These are required for SecureBoot to work.



Solution 3


Community members have indicated succcess with the following proceedure:


1- Tap the windows button and search for "startup"

2- Click "Change advanced startup options"

3- Under "Advanced startup" click "Restart now"

4- Click "Troubleshoot"

5- Click "Advanced options"

6- Click "UEFI firmware settings

At this point you should see the bios/uefi configuration page:

7- Go to "security" and then "reset to setup mode"

8- Then go to "exit" and then "exit saving changes"


Once back in windows, repeat all the steps 1 to 6 and then in the bios screen:

- go again to "security" and this time select "restore factory keys"

- Then go to "exit" and then "exit saving changes"



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Fanfold Paper

Microsoft has published a patch to deal with this watermark error message. See

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff

Yes it can be fixed with Microsoft KB that just released recently. Thanks ctjchan!

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