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Windows 8.1 - Update consideration, resources, and known issues


This community KB article is being consolidated to help Lenovo customers who are early adopters of the Windows 8.1 update.  This article will be frequently updated to include information on recommendation on issues that have been reported and are currently being addressed by Lenovo product teams.   It is recommended that a backup of all data be made prior to starting the Windows 8.1 update.



  • Update Drivers before upgrading to Windows 8.1. At this time Lenovo recommends that customers who are planning to install the Windows 8.1 update, first update to the latest version of device drivers and BIOS on the Lenovo support site and apply Windows updates.   Lenovo customers who are using ThinkPad, ThinkStation, ThinkCentre systems may elect to use the System Update to accomplish the Lenovo driver updates before updating to Windows 8.1.  System update 5.03 should be used.  If system update is downlevel, it should first update itself to version 5.03.  Windows 8.1 drivers are being packaged and made available for automated install through System Update; therefore initially a limited number of 8.1 updates may be reported through System update.   Updated drivers can still be installed manually by downloading from the support site.  Lenovo is currently working on the release and availability of Windows 8.1 drivers through system update.   


  • Not finding 8.1 drivers for officially supported models on the Lenovo support site?  The driver list for some systems ( Helix for example) currently reflect a mix of drivers for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.  The Windows 8 drivers should work and have been tested, and compatibility designations are being revised to clearly reflect compatibility with Windows 8.1.  This updating of descriptions is expected to complete in early November




  • Windows 8.1 update fails with an error code. Try to refresh and ensure all Windows updates have been applied.  If a backup of all data has already been made, customers may elect to reset back to factory, perform all Windows updates, update Lenovo drivers, and then attempt the Windows 8.1 update again.  Please note: Reset back to factory will wipe out all data.


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CWBurfle On 2014-05-06, 12:25 PM

I have a z580 Ideapad that came with Windows 8.0. Some materials on the Lenovo site indicate that this laptop should not be updated to Windows 8.1 due to provides with the video driver, other materials indicate that it is OK. Has the video driver issue been resolved? Are there other Windows 8.1 upgrade issues? Maybe I should avoid problems and just stay with WIndows 8.0.

krishna9523 On 2014-05-29, 13:48 PM

i have a z510 ideapad which came with windows 8.1..but i can't activate that..pls help me

Mark_Lenovo On 2015-03-30, 17:27 PM

Please contact Lenovo support to address Windows License key / activation issues 

jainish On 2015-06-22, 10:17 AM

give product key of g40-70 g50-70   windows 8.1 plz forward it fast


jainish On 2015-06-22, 10:19 AM

what are they doing?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Mark_Lenovo On 2015-08-21, 19:41 PM



The key is in BIOS and can not be forwarded.  Please contact Microsoft to resolve licensing / key issues.



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