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Tweak Windows 8 with the 'Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8'

Quite a few of you have been asking about apps that allow you to tweak Windows 8. Let me introduce you to my favorite - Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8.

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Re: Tweak Windows 8 with the 'Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8'

this is why i not done the preview.
the silly metro.
becides i can wait for jan.
i do hear we will be ablle to turn off metro.

this is the most silly thing i ever seen ever.
windows phone 7 look thats ment to look like a apple.
silly silly silly.
and you wonder why you all cant get them off of xp.
good luck with that gang and 8.

i like 7 but it took a few weeks durning the beta and i went at it twice before i went 100% onboard.
but for me the monent i never looked back from xp was aftrer i somehow lost all my xp discs and win 7 was no longer a playtoy but what i have to live with now.

i really hope win 8 is not all about silly graphic changes that we cant get used too.
win 7 like i said took some time to get used off.
two weeks and then xp felt funny to me.
it became native like my hand.
i hope ms really thinks how that feel really changes who moves and who dont.
thats why the xp gang wont budge.
seven was not as silly as the metro aps.
let apple look silly but spare us the eye candy and make us feel at home.
i hope ms understands that it not gonna be like 7 where they had no resession and no gult in the market and vista era was so horible hardware wise seven was a complete breath of freash air.

my stand on 8 is i am shorting it because the world now is very much different then it was 5 years ago.
i hope that really sinks in a MS HQ.
they going to be behind the 8 ball with 8.
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Re: Tweak Windows 8 with the 'Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8'

That's... what the tweaker is for.

I don't like the Metro interface either. All I really want is to see the return of the classic Explorer status bar.
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