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Win 8 Preview x64 on my T61

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Took the plunge and made a clean install of Win 8 Preview x64 on my T61. I did a full backup of Win 7 just in case I wanted to come back.


My observations:

Installation was without a hitch and fast. Lots of personal information requests, e-mail address, password, full name, country, state, zip code.


Metro desktop is pretty but really designed for a tablet or PC with touch screen. Navigating Metro with a the mouse or touchpad was cumbersome to say the least. To go beyond the Metro icons it takes many more clicks than in Win 7.

The standard desktop and Windows Explorer are still available but without the Start button everything takes additional clicks. Additional menus are available by hitting the screen edges and corners but are not intuitive, to me at least.

All my devices were recognized from the getgo but Windows installed a generic driver for my Nvidia discrete video. I was able to install the official Nvidia drivers without issues.


I wanted to install some Lenovo software and started with TVT Power Manager for Win 7. Not good, the software loaded some old MS Visual C++ distributions and .NET Framework which concerned me. Thinkvantage Power Manager seems to work fine except I noticed that the Metro Internet Explorer 10 was broken after that. IE 10 from the classic desktop continued to work, go figure. By the way, I did not notice anything different between IE 9 and 10. Maybe it is all behind the curtains.

Next I tried the TVT Fingerprint Reader software. Total fail, it installed but does not run. I then gave up experimenting.

Played with Win 8 a little more and then decided that it was time to go back to win 7!


Ran the R&R backup from my usb drive and I am now back to my old and great Win 7 installation!Smiley Very Happy


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