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Paper Tape
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Win8 + x220T

Hi all


Anyone else installed Windows 8 on his x220T?

Which Lenovo software and which drivers did you install after installing Windows 8?





Token Ring
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Re: Win8 + x220T

I run it full time now on mine.


There's very little software you'll need really. Even my wifi connected right away. 


The only main things I put on are power manager (driver and software), ultranav (driver and software), and the chipset driver. Everything else is basically optional, including power manager for that matter.


Updater won't work, so skip that. The toolbox is pretty much bloat, so you don't need that either. Basically you could get away with just putting on ultranav (the trackpad is awful without it).


One thing I noticed is that most of the Lenovo software will install if you try, but it just mucks things up more if anything. I made the mistake of dumping all of it that I could on there, and promptly reinstalled win8 without it. Much better results the second time.


Navigation is a little tricky at first, but if you watch a couple videos on Youtube you'll be flying through Windows 8 in about two hours or less.