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First Time To the Windows Developers Board? Start Here

2013-12-18, 21:20 PM

Welcome to the (Windows, Android, Innovation) Forum for Lenovo Developers


First, let’s make sure you’re in the right place.


Want to create or modify an app for Lenovo devices and innovation technologies, and work through any challenges which may arise?



You’re in the right place. Post your discussion topic or question here.


Need help getting something to work as shipped, or reporting bugs with configs as shipped?



That’s a support discussion that belongs on the main hardware boards. We’ll be super-happy to help you, so please post those there. 


You good?


Okay let’s continue:


What the Developer Boards are For:


  • We’re striving to build a global community of developers who are stoked about creating apps for Lenovo PC+ devices and Lenovo Innovation Technologies.


  • Peer to peer support is king. As with the main hardware boards, support, info, and moderation comes from the community, not Lenovo staff.


  • Sharing  any "knowledge base" types of content you have created that would help the community.  

What the Windows Developers Board Is For. We are obviously looking for Windows desktop and Win8 metro development conversations(duh! I know) , but here are some specific items we'd love to hear about from you:


  • Transition from developing Windows desktop apps to Windows 8 "metro style" apps. What has that been like, how have your workflows changed, etc.


  • Okay, so game developers, we love love love you! Fist bump, you rock,keep it coming... That said  Win 8 videa, music, business, productivity, social media, developers, STAND UP!  Lenovo wants YOU participating in this community!  Post here and let us know what you are working on, how we can help, etc.


What it is not for: 



  • Transacting business of any kind. We have several channels available to help sell and promote your app, but this forum isn't’t the right place. Mods get an 80% cut off the top of any business transactions posted here. 


  • Hate speech, personal agendas, personal attacks, threats, antagonizing members, inappropriate content, and any generally knucklehead behavior will get you banned. (you'll also be subject to being forced to write code for an IBM PC Jr. until you’re rocking back and forth in a corner. ) In other words, the same rules that apply to Lenovo Forums apply to these boards. If you aren’t already familiar with the Lenovo Forums rules, get familiar here

 How We Roll Here…


In general ,the vibe on these boards will be transparent, useful, challenging, and non-marketing-speak-ish.  We try to save the “unique selling propositions” and “corporate-speak” to the marketing crowd.  We try not to take ourselves too-too seriously as well. 

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Re: First Time To the Windows Developers Board? Start Here

2014-01-02, 21:15 PM



Great - this sounds really exciting!


Here are a few links to Lenovo developer resources related to Windows ecosystem...


Lenovo Developer main site - www.lenovodev.com


Win8 App Store Overview lenovodev.com/deploy/lenovo-windows-8-store


Lenovo Picks App Marketing Page www.lenovopicks.com




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Re: First Time To the Windows Developers Board? Start Here

2014-04-15, 7:31 AM



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