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I need SDK of Lenovo keyboard with fingerprint scanner

The company I work for has a customer who owns a "Lenovo Preferred Pro USB Fingerprint Keyboard" (, and this customer has asked us if it is possible to create a software module for fingerprint based user authentication using this keyboard fingerprint scanner.


I've look around the internet but couldn't find any SDK for working with this keyboard, neither with the driver (Validity Fingerprint Driver) which is installed for this keyboard to work on windows.


I've been able to successfully integrate this keyboard with Windows Hello following some tutorials on MicrosoftPassport and Windows Hello (,, but this doesn't attend our customer requirements because the authentication proccess is not expected to be integrated with the windows user account of the computer in which the keyboard and authentication software module will be installed.


The requirements are like this: "The manager should be able to enroll multiple users by fingerprint, and when these users try to access protected resources they will put their fingers on the fingertip scanner and the authentication system will either return the user profile data if he has been enrolled before, or will return an invalid response saying the user is not allowed to access the system in case his fingerprint is not recognized by the authentication module.".


How can I integrate a windows computer program with this keyboard so that I can get the images/pictures from its fingerprint scanner? I say images/pictures because I've already researched some open source components which work with images, so if I take the images from this keyboard fingerprint scanner it will be enough for me to use these images to complete the remaining authentication with these open source components. I mean, I don't expect this keyboard alone will solve my entire problem, but at the bare minimum I need it to return me with the images/pictures taken by the fingerprint scanner.


Of course there may be some another solution completely different for working with this keyboard, which I know nothing about. So I am open to any other suggestions on solutions for implementing this integration of a windows computer program with this lenovo keyboard fingerprint reader.


Thanks everyone.

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Re: I need SDK of Lenovo keyboard with fingerprint scanner

Hi UlyssesAlves,

I know that your post have 2 years but I´m having the same problem.

I found this link where It has an example of how get an image from the fingerprint reader:


Had you found any other solution solution for this problem?



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