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Paper Tape
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warranty API - ClientID request

Hi all,

Our company develops reporting tools which integrate with Microsoft System Center etc. We reach into the warranty services for HP, Dell, Toshiba etc. to pull warranty status data into our tool for customers viewing desktops and laptops data. 


The documentaiotn for the Lenovo WebAPI for the wannanty service from eSupport listed here 

states "All APIs need to be called with a ClientID (assigned) in the header that is generated by eService team and provided to the client application."


I've been unable to find how I register for a ClientID. Can anyone point me in the right direction?





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Re: warranty API - ClientID request



Customers should request a Warranty API ClientID through their Lenovo Representative who will be able to obtain the ID from eServices on their behalf.


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Paper Tape
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Re: warranty API - ClientID request

Thanks Andy. As a small software developer with half a dozen Lenovo machines, we don't have a Lenovo Rep. I've reached out to the Lenovo team via a LAR we have a relationship with, but I don't know if that's going to get us anywhere. The other vendors have sandbox/dev environments and issue us keys to those via a standard support request for our development work, it seems Lenovo do not have any way of software developers requesting access tot he service?
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Re: warranty API - ClientID request

Hi Andy_Lenovo,


I have been trying for some time to get someone from the Lenovo Support Center to help with this and I have also tried to get our Lenovo purchasing agent "Aliva" to acquire a ClientID for us. 


So far there has been no success in finding someone through the support channels that has even heard of the eSupport WebAPI let alone help with getting a ClientID.


Can you please help me find someone who can help me get one for our company? We have a reasonably large fleet and would like to be able to pull warranty information to store in our asset management database.



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