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Registered: ‎04-14-2010
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Downgrade to Vista

Hello, I have a new Thinkpad T410. The problem is that my screen brightness I'm sometimes able to adjust other times, I'm not able to adjust. And given I'm a student it is crucial for me to have this ability in order to save power when I need. Also, the USB ports similarly sometimes work and sometimes don't. There also a few minor issues. However from what I've read, it seems that this is mainly caused by the fact that Windows 7 is quite new and still has some minor issues with some laptops. If a fix doesn't come soon, I would want to downgrade to Vista, because I know Vista has been out for several years and right now works well. I would like to know if it is possible to downgrade to Vista, or I have to buy Vista. Thanks.

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Re: Downgrade to Vista

till now I was not informed about the direct downgrade to Vista. However, you can call the support and describe the situaiton and they will surelly direct you to the vista downgrade center, which (I assume) will offer you this option.
Unfortunately I cannot tell, if this will be charged.

A neutral update, but might help you out.