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Registered: ‎12-18-2007
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User name - I am not Lenovo!

I upgraded my desktop from XP to Vista Ultimate and created the user "dave". When I go to a command prompt, the folder name is shown as C:\Users\Dave.

My X61 is just back from Easyserv and I'm trying to set it up. I've created a user "dave", and that's what shows on the Welcome screen and the start menu. But when I open a command prompt, the folder name is "C:\Users\Lenovo", and there is no user "Dave". How come? How can I change the folder name so it matches the user name as it's supposed to (it is supposed to, isn't it?)
X61t 7767-A4U / Vista Ult / 4GB ::: A31p 2653-H6U / XP Pro / 768MB
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Re: User name - I am not Lenovo!

Try this or this: