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Using product key from XP downgrade for virtual PC install

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Started ‎09-20-2010 by
Modified ‎09-20-2010 by




I've got a Thinkpad T500 that came with the XP Pro downgrade and I also have the Vista Business edition that came bundled with it.  I'm looking at having Vista business as the native OS and running XP Pro within it as a virtual PC.  Can I use the OEM license that comes with the XP Pro downgrade for that?  If so, where do I look to find the product-key info?


I happen to have XP Pro install cd that I've used for another computer.   But I need a product-key to type in when I'm doing installing from that on the Thinkpad.



THe XP key is a VLK number and is not printed anywhere and will only work with VLK versions of XP, not retail.  it is also pre-activated and will not work in a VM. You will need to go get a regular XP install cd and key number to do what you want.


If you were to create your Vista recovery discs you could then install XP using the recovery set and install Vista in a VM using a Vista install disc and the number on the COA sticker on the bottom of your Thinkpad.