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Lenovo Yoga 2 tab with Windows 8.1 Bing How to get into BIOS & Settings


Lenovo Yoga 2 tab with Windows 8.1 Bing How to get into BIOS & Settings 


How to BIOS Settings Yoga 2 Tablet with Windows Version: alternate way to go..


000 Lenovo Buttons.jpg

Press the volume rocker to up... hold them ...
and press the round start button for three seconds.


000 Lenovo Start.jpg

the yoga 2 tablet start with lenovo logo


000 Novo Menu.jpg


and load the novo menu... @ novo menu  the second option is the BIOS


easy touch the BIOS option .


001 BIOS Info Site.jpg


now BIOS settings starts with the Information page (i.e...pic shown numbers like SN or UUID could be vary :) 

this is for information only there are no possible settings


touch the the configuration option


002 BIOS Config Site.jpg
the shown Configuration page , the place where you can set a few things


Note : Change settings only if nessessary
in normal cases there is no need to change any .

Secure Boot is one point of interest
that should be in case of use a usb stick to recover ..(OTG cable needed)
setting is default Secure Boot On ...

set Secure Boot to off .
otherwise this point prevent external load
after work ,

Important to set secure boot on . for save....


004 BIOS Exit Site.jpg

last option in BIOS is Exit ...

you can Load Default Settings

or Exit with Saving Changes

or  exit without save ...via Exit discarding Changes....



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fixit4u On 2014-12-25, 21:39 PM

I allowed Windows 10 to be loaded on Yoga 2 Pro.


There are issues and I want to rebuild from scratch. one step button takes me to proper menu but there's no rebuild partition. Need to boot from USB but move up (F5-F6) don't seem to allow advancing 'boot from usb' to #1 position.


Please advise how to advance USB to #1 position to reload from bootable USB with Win 8.1 image?





rhagar On 2015-06-28, 18:45 PM

Thank you for this post.  This allowed us back into the tablet after the following poblem. - After trying to recalibrate the touch sensitivity on my Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet 1050 no input recognized. Nor does the computer recognize the tablet when connected via USB. I turn off the tablet with the power button on the end of the magnet bar. I can turn the power back on and the screen comes up with the place for my login password. I can sweep up and get the virtual keyboard to show on the screen. However, my touch is not recognized with my finger or my stylus. I also tried typing in the password with the bluetooth keyboard and that is not recognized either. I thought I might be able to control the tablet from my computer via USB cable but the computer does not recognize the tablet. I've only had this about a month with a year warranty but Lenovo says it is a software issue and not covered. They did offer to connect me with a third party who might be able to fix the problem for $60


My guess is for $60 they would have told me to hold in the power button and the volume up button just like KK has done for free.

dhhittle On 2015-07-31, 8:12 AM

Yes, Kalvin, this is a great little tip, which support did not mention when I spoke with them.  Gives you access to all the recovery options as well as boot menu and BIOS, even if your machine will not start up in Windows.  Thanks again!

jefo13 On 2015-07-31, 19:10 PM

Does anyone know how to get back to user mode? and Secure Boot "Standard"  I changed it to Setup Mode to troubleshoot my Windows 10 that was really slow (turned out to be my Micro SD card a whole different story) but I cannot get this back to user mode.  Any help appreciated



HatsunuMike On 2015-08-10, 14:43 PM

I Want Driver after install new window

But no Driver in Lenovo Support.

Can you load driver from window setup menu and upload it for everyone?


I'm using Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 1051F



meyssamn On 2016-05-14, 12:04 PM

how to downgrate bios firmware?becous i update bios firmware

ptyuser On 2017-05-03, 21:11 PM

I've tried many times... press & hold up volume, then press volume & hold the power for 3 seconds.


Everytime it tries to boot windows and freezes.  Cannot enter BIOS.


Is there something else I am missing?

KiBoy On 2017-07-28, 5:04 AM

Sorry for necroing this threat, but I'm getting somewhat desperate.


My Yoga 2 for a while began acting strangely. It often freezes up when in use. Note that it's caused 99% of the time by DEFAULT programs and apps like Music, Video etc. I can even play games fine with it, but browsing the internet with Chrome ( just browsing, not even downloading anything ) is enough to freeze it up.


On the other hand, refreshing or resetting simply doesn't work. I end up with "There was a problem with making changed to your PC. No changes have been made." Even clean boot doesn't help at all.


So what happens in Troubleshoot menu? This is the part that worries me the most. Essentially anything from reset, refresh or even entering command prompt gives me a BSOD. Worst part? These particular blue screens are "errorless." They appear, immediately reset my device ( which has automatic reset turned off mind you ) and they do not leave a minidump file behind ( I checked )


I have no idea what do to.



ngpsstuff On 2017-09-18, 8:27 AM

I have a lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro (1380L) showing boot error : efi hard drive after trying todowngrade from lollipop to kitkat. I can't access bootloader nor recovery mode but only fastboot mode with vol- &  vol + & power. I've tried to flash recovery partition but it says writing failed. and when trying to erase cache says FAILED (remote:unknown command). 

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