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I would like to move my recovery partition to a USB or microSD card to free up some space on my Miix 2 , 8". Can i do it on my 8GB microSD? Will i be able to boot from it in the future or must it be on a USB stick?


According to one of our community user, it seems possible to do so. 

To do so,  

  1. Copy or move recovery partition onto 8GB microSD card.
  2. Boot from microSD card.


To check actual boot menu options:

  1. Shut your Miix2 down.
  2. Press Vol+ and Power buttons to access the boot menu.

You can also go a bit further and backup full eMMC storage (partition layout, UEFI, OS, data, recovery, everything) using Macrium Reflect bootable utility. It's a Win81 PE derivate therefore eMMC drive and touchscreen are supported out of box. Easy. You'd need >=20GB flashdrive or microSD to store the full image.

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Ummm, I think not.


Windows is made to not boot from removable media. You can certainly image to the SD, but I will be astonished if it can be successfully directed to boot from it. You would need to change the details in the MBR and that is not trivial.


You could try something like XOSL for redirecting the boot, but that too is doubtful for the following reasons.


You would still need to convince the windows pre-boot (safe-boot /secure-boot) process to allow the boot from a removable device.


Finally, you would have to make sure that windows can find all of the files it needs to load during the boot process. It will be expecting a lot of Registry entries to be pointing to the default installation drive and that will be C: They were added to the Registry during the original installation and before the image was made to the removable drive.


Do some research on your own and I am sure it will be time well spent rather than wasting it on this folly, regardless of the advice given by experts (I ain't one). The proof is always in the testing and I have tried many, many times. I have been programming for 35+ years and have degrees in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, but what might I know? Smiley Happy


It is my experience that Msoft has this well and truly tied up in their favor. Smiley Happy





i've been trying to boot from microSD card on Miix 10 - it doesn't boot. BIOS doesn't show any UEFI devices that are able to boot.


That's right. I misunderstood Boot Menu graphics symbol while posting the original text. Sorry for that.


UEFI Boot Menu doesn't provide option to select MicroSD card as a boot device, no matter of its actual content. Feasible options to overcome the limitation are: use USB flash drive or MicroSD in USB adapter. Those ones are allowed to boot from. Been there, tried that.


Helloo I would like to ask you why i can not recover my windows 8,1 with Bing to a tablet Lenovo MII3-1030 ...

It says that something is wrong and it stops.I start it from the Bios (the recovery ) but it doenst work.How can i preinstal my windows en where is this particition with the operation systeem?


Thanks for giving the proper answer that will be help for me.