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Paper Tape
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Dual external monitors for MIIX 510?

I am quite sure that MIIX 510 (with HD620 graphics) can support USB Type C to HDMI, but I am not sure if it can hook up to 2 external monitors via  USB Type-C to dual HDMI dongle like this ONE?


A follow up question is that can MIIX 510 support USB Type-C to displayport? Can it hook up to 2 external montiors by using dongle like this ONE?


Thanks in advance!


Token Ring
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Re: Dual external monitors for MIIX 510?

I can't answer about those adapters specifically, but I have used Miix 510 with the Lenovo USB-C dock and 2 displays connected via Displayport, and it works perfectly. So the USB-C port does support dual displays.

What's DOS?
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Re: Dual external monitors for MIIX 510?

I am really puzzled. I saw this post before I got a Lenovo USB C dock, for my MiiX 510. It encouraged me. I also chatted on line with lenovo sales people on 2 different occasions checking out what the dock could and could not do ( discovered that it did not deliver power to the lap top - ok),  also  the website advertises that the USB C dock is compatible with the MiiX 510.

Ordered it. But it did not support 2 display port outlets, using  diplayport-HDMI adapters. After a fair bit of checking, Lenovo Tech support tells me the MiiX is not compatible with USB C dock! (Or rather only a couple of things work wihich is hardly compatibility). My eyesight is not great. I really would like to use the MiiX with  larger displays & a keyboard.

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Re: Dual external monitors for MIIX 510?

Hi, first let me say I have zero experience with this configuration...


Are your DP to HDMI adapters active or passive?  I don't know which dock you're using, but some can't handle that conversion without an active adapter.



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What's DOS?
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Re: Dual external monitors for MIIX 510?

Thanks for the comment. The dock is the Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Dock . this has 2 display ports. In my previous set up I used display port to HDMI adaptors , cables, to run two monitors, a DELL & an ACER. Unfortunately I do not know the sort of  differences between ative and passive and the various other acronyms and variants that make upt the specs of these ports, cable outputs, requirements etc. And I notice that the specs are often not clear or detailed when you purchase them.

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