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Lenovo Miix 300 10.1 micro-hdmi not working properly

So  i have two Lenovo miix 300s 10.1", so far ive tried plugging them into 4 tvs and only 50% of them got detected, i used 3 different HDMI on one of the TVs trying to get it to work, tried plugging it into DVI/HDMI and normal HDMI. and the conclusion i have come to is that these tablets simply do not detect half the TVs, there is definately nothing wrong with the wiring. i have it connected using a HDMI to Micro-HDMI adapter and then a normal HDMI wire between the adapter and the TV, this configuartion works on my 42" older samsung, but the newer 32" LED backlit samsung (UE32H5000AK) is not detected, there are two cheap TVs aswell of which the smaller 24" is detected but then larger 32" is not. having a look at the graphics driver versioning seems properly out of sync with intel software center, current driver version at intel being 15.40 but the one on the tablet is marked 10.XX....., i have tried updating/changing the drivers but this was not successfull.

i have even gone as far as to update the firmware on the TV thinking there may have been a problem that end which had no affect. 

The TV image does reset once the tablet is plugged in, but then it says no signal, the tablet on the other hand does nothing, no flicker from the intel driver to indicate it has detected the display and adjusted the resolution

I know this is not related to anything else other than the intel chipset and the drivers installed on this lenovo, having had issues like this before i strongly suspect it is the intel driver that is a problem here. 

The 32" samsing TV already has a desktop using it as a display so i know it will display if there is a signal, but that tablet fails to recognize the TV is even there. 

Also does this tablet support MHL, it is running windows 10 and to my understanding microsoft have added USB OTG support but have they extended this to include some sort of MHL driver ? 

Any suggestions on Getting the other 50% of my TVs to work with this tablet?...........................bearing in mind i have tried EVERYTHING that is possible in window

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Miix 300 10.1 micro-hdmi not working properly

MHL is not purely a USB OTG function. As far as I know there is no relation between MHL and USB other than the fact that they usually share the same connector to save space on small devices. On my Samsung the MHL connector plugs into the USB port, but it is twice as long as a USB connector and the socked on the phone is twice as deep. The connector has a row of extra connections deep inside the connector.


I have only tried my Miix 300 10.1 on two devices, an LCD and a projector and it worked fine on both. I don't think it switched automatically to the external display though and I had to right click on the desktop and select to output to another display, if I recall correctly...

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Re: Lenovo Miix 300 10.1 micro-hdmi not working properly-TRY THIS !!



Hi , I just took delivery of miix300. didnt really need another device BUT didnt have windows 10 and was curious as it seems to be usable now (win 8 was a pain)... One reason I bought this after testing in PC World was the price of £119 10... tablet & keyboard..nice design...great display...but whats the catch ?  Other products in the store double price didnt react as quickly...this miix300 is really quick...quicker than few years old iPad Retina. I figured I could justify another device as one connected to TV most of the time to display youtube etc... and I bought at £119 from John Lewis which gives 2 year guarantee. BUT ...  after charging and setting up ( it comes with screen protector pre-installed...what a good idea...why doesnt every touchscreen device?) .. connected to micro hdmi cable to Samsung smart TV... nothing!! i tried 2 different cable.. hmmmm   I have another in bedroom....same...  nada! I phoned Lenovo support 0333 777 3991 ( same cost call as 020...etc) Got thru quick but I was only told to press 'windows key & P' which gives 4 display options...but it didnt make it work , good to have that info but it didnt fix problem and i was disheartened and prepared to ask John Lewis for replacement...the other problem though its a small one is that when keyboard is detached, it doesnt automatically 'switch to tablet mode' which means virtual keyboard pops up on screen when you place curser in field box... but you only have to manually toggle it at bottom of screen and i think some clever C++ people have a fix for that on here. Back to micro HDMI /display problem....  I have a friend with a newer Samsung TV and he has a Tesco HUDL..I mistakenly thought he was able to display his HUDL wirelessly  to his TV so I asked if I could come round with this Lenovo because the miix300 seems to have something called 'Cast' and maybe someone can confirm if this device CAN display wirelessly to suitable display?.....Anyway..... at friend's place he said NO, HUDL needs a micro HDMI cable... first I tried my cables on his TV  ...but still miix300 didnt work....then I tried HIS 'juicebitz' 3m long cable and VOILA !  It Worked!    Then I see that this is a cable 'with ethernet' HDMI and HUDL users were recommended to use this type of cable.... i will just say now that I have a 6" Kindle Fire HD which works onmy cheap HDMI cables which is why I assumed Lenovo was faulty. I am very surprised that no-one else has put this info out there which is why I am writing this because I assumed the Lenovo miix300 was £119 because its a bit 'faulty' and if I hadnt had a mate with a HUDL and this HDMI 1.4 cable then I would be at John Lewis now getting a replacement or a refund.. Obviously I cant guarantee that every miix300 will work with this as some MAY be faulty at micro HDMI socket but if anyone else has displaying on TV issues then invest in a better HDMI cable first and take it from there...


You need an HDMI 1.4 cable micro to normal  - not an old cheap one... ( it has ethernet in it ...)... this is the one i have tried and which works (3m version to be exact but I haved just ordered 2 x 5m ones off juicebitz ebay but they also on Amazon)



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Miix 300 10.1 micro-hdmi not working properly -> SOLUTION

I have an MIIX310 sinds nearly one year and  could not use the HDMI output either.

After trying different cable with my HDMI adaptor Micro HDMI without succes, I bought a second HDMI micro adapter , also without succes BUT when I press a lot the adaptor in the Lenovo, it works.

So my deduction is that the HDMI output works but the problem is taht the desing of the Lenovo is very bad done because it's impossible to connect a cable inside it correctly because the plastic of the computer is not straight.

So Lenovo engineers made a device not conform with a normal use.

So maybe you need to try to cut the plastic of the cable (easier taht cut the Lenovo...).

I would appreciate if Lenovo can send to me an adapter micro HDMI-> HDMI that enter in the computer, because I already bought 2 and none of them are working correctly.



Lenovo HDMI.jpg

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Miix 300 10.1 micro-hdmi not working properly -> SOLUTION

Dear Frederic !

I just posted a reply to your wonderful suggestion giving you a Kudos;

Unfortunately, the reply got lost (deleted ! why ?).

So I am posting again for the benefit of all participants of this very important topic.


Frederic, though your solution was inadvertently accomplished by 'pressing a lot the adaptor into

the Lenovo', unfortunately this is the only workaround for the solution.

Myself, I do not use a Micro Hdmi Adapter, but a 2-sided Hdmi cable,

one side: Micro Hdmi >>to>>Lenovo and the other side: Hdmi >>to>>Screen

For quite a while I could not project the Lenovo screen onto a regular computer screen

(which b.t.w. has 2 wonderful Hdmi Ports).

Everything looked promising:

the wiring was excellent and appeared tight enough and there was no drivers issue.

But still the only issue was that I had not pushed in the Micro Hdmi far enough into the Lenovo Micro Hdmi port:

You really must push the Micro Hdmi as far in as you can, carefully but with a bit of force ! (no fear !)

Perhaps there is a flaw in the design of the Lenovo Micro Hdmi port which needs a CLICKING you can actually hear !

when you finally plug it in correctly !


Bottom line, I strongly suggest that the Lenovo Product Designers / Engineers take into heavy consideration

improving the Miix Micro Hdmi Port design in the upcoming Miix versions.


Best Regards, Smiley Happy

Shalom From The State Of Israel,



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