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Blue Screen Again
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Miix 2 11" & Win 10: Auto rotate and Windows button broken. Help fix please?

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I did a clean update to Windows 10 Home. I installed all the drivers and everything is working fine except for: auto rotate and the Windows button (the capacitive button under the screen).


I have no idea how the capacitive windows button functions within the Windows system (does it need a driver, is it natively supported by Windows, etc) so I am not sure what to even try to fix it. So anything you can do to even point me in the right direction would be most appreciative.


On the auto-rotate:


  • I have 2 entries under sensors in device manager: Intel Sensor Solution - 33D1 and Sdo Sensor V2.
  • I have the option in the "action" bar (slide out bar on the right) to lock rotation and it is unlocked.
  • In display settings in the Win 10 settings applet, if I press the lock rotation button, then the option to rotate the display is greyed out and when I press the lock rotation button again, I can choose portrait or landscape and it rotates appropriately.
  • In other words, the Windows 10 display functionality is working as it should.
  • For the display driver, I used the Intel Driver Update Utility to get the drivers for the Iris GPU. In its settings the rotate screen items in the menu and hotkeys all work as they should.
  • The problem seems to be the accelerometer.

Now I saw in another thread here on the Miix 3, to use sensor drivers from HP. I am not familiar enough with Lenovo's product range to know if the Miix 3 and the Miix 2 11" share the same sensor hardware, does anyone know if they do and if, so, would that HP driver solution work for my Miix 2 11"? If not, is there any other solution I can try?



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