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Miix 320 Won't power on. Please help

2017-09-19, 2:48 AM

Bought a Miix 320 one week ago and today it doesn't power on.  I can see the white light next to the power button turn on and off but the screen stays black.  I have tried to hold the power button down for 20-30 seconds, wait 3 sec, and turn on.  I have also tried manual re-set by holding down the power button and volume up button for 30 sec.  The AC has been plugged in for a couple hours so it cannot be that the battery is dead unless the AC adaptor is not working and thus not charging.  Should I send the tablet in for service?  Anything else I should try?  Thanks.

Solved! See the solution

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Re: Miix 320 Won't power on. Please help

2017-09-19, 10:19 AM

Hello HopperDropper


Thank you for using the Lenovo forum


Best thing to do as you have only had it for a vary small amount of time is to take it back to the retailer you purchased this device from.

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This helped me too


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Re: Miix 320 Won't power on. Please help

2018-04-30, 19:28 PM

I also have the same problem, it been a year since i bought the computer in Dubai, this problems started 2 day back, and i have no idea why it's happening, please advice what I should do next or should I give it for service center and where would that be.


Thank you! 

Waiting for a reply !


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Re: Miix 320 Won't power on. Please help

2018-08-25, 16:06 PM

go youtube, check how to open the tablet, once open up. check the cable connection for power button+volume up+down button.

reconnect it, press the power button, you will see the light on, and screen on


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Re: Miix 320 Won't power on. Please help

2018-12-25, 18:06 PM

I had a slighlty different case.



  • Device: Lenovo Miix 320-10ICR Tablet (ideapad) - Type 80XF 
  • Screen black
  • LED indicator light next to power button - dark. No light when charging, no reaction when clicking power button. LED just dark & dead.
  • Pressing power button - no reaction
  • Pressing power button for 30 seconds - no reaction
  • Pressing power button and volume-up for 30 seconds - no reaction
  • Voltage on charging power plug: slightly above 5V, OK. Plugging in the power plug: no reaction (LED stays dark)
  • Tried powering via USB-C power plug (tried it out to see if power adapter port was the problem). no reaction (LED stays dark)
  • Summary: it is DEAD

By reading the forum, my attention was brought to the possibility of loose cables within the device. My first guess was: loose cable to power button.



  • Carefully opening back cover using instructions found on Youtube (thanks for the tip!) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDmX3EWuycY  . Tool used: guitar-pick shaped plastic pry-open tool.
  • Found the screen cable slightly tugged out at one end - plugged the screen cable in firmly
  • Found the connector cable to the small board housing power button/power LED/volume buttons halfway out. The cable was loose. When touching it, it completly slipped out of the plug. Re-plugged this cable (using plastic ply open tool looking like a spoon). Maybe it would be good to "fix" that cable in its connector hole somehow, but I didn't find any means to achieve this. So I hope it just holds.
  • Optical check of other cables - fine.
  • Reassembly.
  • Worked again.


So, I can confirm that the cables can get loose and that opening the Miix 320 and checking for lose cables is a viable solution if the device is completly black. It took me 15 Minutes altogether. The guitar-pick shaped pry-open-tool was helpful not to scratch the plastics of the device.


I share this to make the misery of the next owner googling for a solution less miserable.


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Re: Miix 320 Won't power on. Please help

2019-03-12, 9:31 AM


I work with hundreds of Miix 320 and there is a huge amount of faulty mounted batteries.

The battery moves slighly inside and disconnect almost everything.

Even if you open it and reconnect, the battery will move again sooner or later.

You need to send it back to Lenovo unless you have special skills and tools to unglue battery and strong double sided tape to fix it correctly.

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