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Miix 700 jumpy/jagged pen

2016-05-10, 18:18 PM

I'm having an issue with the miix 700 and pen input. I have both the Thinkpad Active Pen and the Lenovo Capacitive Pen (different part numbers, both are suppose to be compatible with the Miix 700) and when hovering over the top 1 inch of the screen (side closest to the camera when held in landscape) the cursor goes wild and jumps around randomly. When I draw/write in the that area, the lines come out very jagged. I've tried calibrating the pen, but that didn't help. 


Anyone have this problem, and know a solution?


This Miix 700 is really begining to be a letdown. 


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Re: Miix 700 jumpy/jagged pen

2016-07-01, 20:41 PM

All i can contribute to this is that i am having pretty much the same problem the pen jumps and very often it'd just stop registering right after i start a stroke with the pen. I tried installing the software stuff lenovo has on its support site but so far nothing really solved the problem. if i buy a 1240€ device i expect it to do the basic stuff at least GOOD. This is a desaster. And i really WANT to like it but right now this is a dealbreaker. i'll contact support and if they don't have a solution i'll most likely request a new one hoping it is a manufacturing error.


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Re: Miix 700 jumpy/jagged pen

2016-07-14, 13:22 PM

same problem here,
pen is jumpy and jittery, but i also can't control pen buttons and don't have pressure sensitivity.
driver download and pen calibration didn't help.



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Re: Miix 700 jumpy/jagged pen

2017-01-16, 10:38 AM

Hi i am french and having the same issue: Recognization/drawing fail on the left part of the screen.

Can u check your pen reference (unscrew top of pen), my pen ref is 5T70J3330

If we have same ref may be is due to pen compatibility.


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Re: Miix 700 jumpy/jagged pen

2018-08-09, 5:51 AM

I have a a Miix 510 with the same problem concerning the active pen's erratic behavior. Please let me know if you come across any remedy for this problem.

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