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Blue Screen Again
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Miix 720-12IKB Tablet repeatedly SSD not detected

I got this Miix 720 for about a year.
Encountered a blank screen many times, only to found out that the BIOS no longer detects the Hard Disk (SSD).

It works some times when left alone for a while or even put in a different orientation.

However, the problem got a lot worse because it refused to boot for a few days straight.

Sent to Lenovo Service Center, same problem. However when it reached the technician, it was ok. But he replaced the SSD as precaution.


3 months down, problem re-occurred. This time round, it took approximately a month to replace the motherboard.


Another 2 months down, the problem is starting again. Anyone else experiencing similiar issues?
Should I just return the Miix720 ?


What's DOS?
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Re: Miix 720-12IKB Tablet repeatedly SSD not detected

IMHO this is a problem of the SSD connector on the motherboard. the SSD is small and has not enough tension on the contact pins. Luckily the MIIX 720 is to be opened easy (4 screws) and then after takeoff and reinsert the SSD will work again. I have this issue the second time and I will check better what is possible. @Lenovo: please keep this in mind. I think this "could be" a hardware design flaw or a unreliable connector manufacturer.

Since I am an electrical engineer, I will check the connector batch. and leave it in a subsequent post.

If I will find a solution e.g. fix the connector of the SDD somehow, I let you know.

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