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What's DOS?
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Re: Tablet 10 2018 (20l3) reviews?

Okay the computer has arrived and I do love it but I do have a few problems:

I thought I could reverse the screen and use in table mode while still connected to the keyboard

The wireless keeps dropping the connection to my network, I don't have the same proble with my HP608

Paper Tape
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Re: Tablet 10 2018 (20l3) reviews?

I have simmilar problems as others on the forum with the Lenovo 20L3. Its going to be a DO NOT BUY from me. like others have pointed out, you can not place the screen with the backside against the keyboard due to the magnets inside. There is some play when the device is on the keyboard and sometimes they become disconnected, and you have to adjust it and it reconnects. This is a minor inconvenience. 


I have the same issue with the wifi dropping all the time. Even sent it back to lenovo for repairs. They replaced the wifi card with a different model intel wireless card. However this did not fix the issue. It is less frequent after the repair but the issue persists. I was explicitly told when I sent it in for repars that I was not eligible for a device replacement. So hopefully they will fix this issue with a software patch. 

The errors from "netsh wlan show wlanreport" show failed arp probe, and compatibility change. There is very little information about fixing this problem on google. I have muliple other computers/tablets/phones/etc etc at home and none of them have any wifi problems at all. 


I have experienced the simmilar drops when transfering files with a USB 3.0 flash drive, the drive disconnected and reconnected while plugged in. This actually resulted in some files becoming corrupt. 

I suspect that the machine is heat throttling a chip that pertains to I/O.


On the inside the heat diapation solution for the CPU is a thin copper sheet, no fans or heat pipes. I experience heat issues watching youtube from time to time.


Additionally, I find it fairly dishonest of the company to disable customer reviews on the product page when they released a product that has obvious problems. 

Personally, this has destroyed the brand image to me and I will be going with another company for my next computer purchase unless lenovo finds a way to rectify this wifi dropping problem.


Even with all the problems though, I do like the device and I take it with me daily. I purchased the device due to the form factor and it certainly delivers there. I wanted a device that was a laptop but could be a tablet, not a tablet that could be a laptop so this was a good choice if laptop mode is your primary usage. At the same time you can take it off the keyboard and use it as a portait mode tablet for e-reading or landscape for video watching.

Paper Tape
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Re: Tablet 10 2018 (20l3) reviews?

I had the wifi drop problem as well. On battery, wifi was constantly dropped. I found it is caused by the recent wifi driver that came with the latest windows update in december 2018. If you manually roll back to the previous driver in the device manager (I'll check the version later on and post it here), the problem goes away.

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