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Token Ring
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Yoga Book Tips / Driver download

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1. In order for the yoga book to wake up when it is opened, the option "save energy when my device detects that I am absent" should be deactivated in the Windows settings.

2. In Device Manager, all device drivers should be updated. My YogaBook consumes 11% battery in Connected Standby at 45.5 hours. Furthermore, it wakes immediately when opened and can be immediately woken with the on / off switch. The only problem, I have to restart the Lenovo multi-mode service in the services once every restart, since the Halo keyboard does not vibrate. For this I have not yet found a solution.

For me the Real Pen mode works 99% flawlessly.


Since several questions have been asked about the drivers for the yoga book, here they are. That's all "factory" driver. So you also need the driver from the Lenovo support website.

Yoga Book
Token Ring
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Re: Yoga Book Tips / Driver download

Thanks for posting these - I might do a reset soon and it's great to have drivers available if needed.
Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Book Tips / Driver download

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Vielen Dank!


  The device feels much faster after a clean windows installation.   It was taking 40 seconds to shutdown windows,  now it's 2-3 seconds!


   I also have th eissue of the halo keyboard not vibrating.  Even restarting the Lenovo service as you suggest doesn't work.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga Book Tips / Driver download

maybe check your settings in control panel -> appearance and personalization -> Halo Keyboard


i just finisned a clean install using the drivers here and haptic and sound both work for me

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Book Tips / Driver download

This machine has a lot of issues.  Bitlocker run-around after Bios update; sensors no longer finding software; most everything config hangs.  Now it doesn't shut down at all.  Is this a Lenovo issue or Windows? 


The autoupdate at the Lenovo support site also fails.


I'm doing a Windows restore now.  This is the first time ever that I had to start from scratch.  I hope they find a better update installer.


Is everyeone having issues with unresponsive wake from sleep in the Windows version?

Did the Bios update help anything?


Did I unknowingly downgrade my Bios?


A product this expensive should be so troublesome.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Book Tips / Driver download

It did it again.  I was watching the charge and it made it to 100% in sleep mode using a normal USB.  Then I noticed it charging again and tried to wake it.  Opening and closing a few times, nothing.  It took a 30 second hold of the start button to get it to boot again. 


I can just see me having to futz with this thing in an import meeting. 

I did buy the Windows version for business too!

This issue shouldn't be rocket science.  Is it Lenovo pointing at Microsoft, whose pointing at Lenovo?

Is anyone talking!



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga Book Tips / Driver download

how do you make a clean installation? usb?
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