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What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎12-06-2010

Thinkpad x200 table 8 cell battery doesn't last long

Hi every one,


I have a newly bought thinkpad x200 tablet 8 cell battery (12++). According to the ads on lenovo website, it should last over 10 hours under a good condition.


But mine has never before reach to that time duration.Although I used lowest setting, turned off the wifi and any thing i can, it only reach 5h30'. Under normal use, it only reach 3 hours.


How can I reach 10 hours as the ads (or at least 8 hours) ?




The lenovo battery software showed the following information:


Remaining percentage: 82%

Remaining Time: 2:59

Remaining capacity: 54.98Wh

Full charge capacity: 67.70 Wh

Current:  0.86A

Voltage:  15.08 V

Wattage:  12.87W

Temperature: 26 C

Cycle count: 4

Manufacture name : SANYO

Manufacture date: 2009-09-04

First use date: 2009 - 10

Serial number: 31025

Bar-code number: 1ZFBY994NXT

FRU part number:  42T4658

Device chemistry:   Li-Ion

Design capacity:   66.24 Wh

Design voltage:  14.40 V

Token Ring
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Re: Thinkpad x200 table 8 cell battery doesn't last long

It's really false advertisement. Smiley Tongue

That's all I can say.


I did get better battery life, when I did a full clean install of Windows 7, without any bloatware that came with the system orginally. But under balanced setting, I would only get 6+ hours (never did the exact calculations, but it did go for at least 6 hours). From what I know, it's near impossible to get this system past 8 hours (unless it's constantly on sleep or hibernate).

What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎12-06-2010

Re: Thinkpad x200 table 8 cell battery doesn't last long

So, can I ask the warranty service for another battery?

Or can anyone just tell me under which condition, my battery can reach to its best life time?

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad x200 table 8 cell battery doesn't last long

[ Edited ]

Best battery life will be achieved with the wireless radio switch off, the screen set at dim as possible, and in the Power manager program settings, set "performance", "system temperature", "fan sound level", and power usage" to as low as possible (less green dots). I sometimes get a projected time of over 6 hours but it never actually lasts that long because I actually have to use the machine- which includes turning the wireless radio switch on from time to time.


Oh, and I don't think they will give you another battery under warranty since no-one seems to actually get the stated battery life...but you can always ask....