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What's DOS?
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x220 tablet: Not booting, just bios screen, than black screen

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I'm no sure if this is the right section to post in, so sorry if it's not. I have a tablet computer, called an x220 tablet. I was browsing the Internet, and left for a minute, and when I came back the screen was black with a flashing white dash in the top left corner. I've turned it off, taken the battery out, and tried restarting it many times. It will go to the openIng "thinkpad" screen, then back to the black screen with flashin underbar. Please help!


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Re: Thinkpad Tablet

The Thinkpad Tablet and the X220t are two different devices.


Regarding your problem, I fear that the boot sector is defective. You'll probably have to reinstall Windows.

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Re: Thinkpad Tablet

Can you take out the hard drive and try starting it?
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Re: Thinkpad Tablet

Did you try just waiting a bit, to see if it manages to load Windows in the end? Sometimes it may just take a long while starting up the OS.

Alternatively, try booting Windows 7 into Safe Mode, to see if any software issue causes this long startup delay.