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SOLVED: How I resolved my X1 2014 frustrations. AKA "Why, Lenovo, Why?"

2014-10-25, 8:30 AM

Hi All, 


May I suggest you 2 viable solutions to the infamous X1 Gen2 keyboard frustrations. 

(TL;DR: (1) Buy the $80 Thinkpad KT-1255 keyboard, OR (2) install the hotkey script linked below)




1)  USE AN EXTERNAL THINKPAD KEYBOARD.  I tested dozens of keyboards and there was a clear winner, the KT-1255BT Thinkpad Bluetooth Keyboard (yes, it has a Trackpoint!)  

I prefer this solution, but it costs from $70-90.

@ Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C32FWJC/ref=cm_sw_su_dp?tag=usb-thinkpad-20&keywords=thinkpad+usb+bluetooth+keyboard or on

@ eBay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=KT-1255+&_udlo=&_udhi=&_sop=15



  • THINKPAD + TRACKPOINT.  I don't think many people know this new Thinkpad-Branded option exists.  This is the *exact* keyboard that I loved from the Lenovo Thinkpad E520 series.  My testament: I am something of a Thinkpad Trackpoint+Keyboard afficianado.  I bought every single model of the old Thinkpad USB keyboards I could find on Ebay, including all the SK-88x5 series that were still IBM branded (those ones did not have a Windows key).  This is the keyboard I decided to use daily, the one I am typing on right now.  This is the option after personally testing sundry viable options.  Careful not to get the NON-bluetooth version of the exact same model number, unless you don't mind using up a USB plug.
  • WIRELESS, PORTABLE.  It's thin, bluetooth, doesn't need a cable to connect, doesn't use up a precious USB plug.  I think it pairs using NFC.
  • BATTERY  Ridiculously long lasting built-in battery.  I only ever charged it once, many months ago,  I really believed it would be low battery or loose BT connection by now but honestly it stilll works excellent.
  • PRINTSCREEN.  Yes you got that right, a keyboard PrintScreen button, absolutely shocking.  


  • NO TOUCHPAD: Does not have a Touchpad unfortunately
  • ATYPICAL KEY CONFIGURATION: The Home/End/Insert/Printscreen are not in their typical places.  It resembles the Thinkpad E520 series.  And compared to X1 Carbon, the Fn button position is swapped with Ctrl.  I often pressed Fn instead accidentally, until I just physically removed the Fn button..
  • EXTERNAL: I can't just pick up my laptop and go to a meeting, it's a pain to have to bring with my X1





2) USE HOTKEYS.  Program an AutoHotkey script.  Lenovo forum posts suggest we each learn Autohotkey, and program a simple script that sends F5 when detecting <Windows Button + 5> pressed.  But why should we have to learn another language just to use something we have already paid $2000 for?  So I'm sharing with you my hotkey solution, It comes in a single executable.  I called it FuncFix:  




  • FREE. Free is better than $80 plus shipping.
  • ALWAYS WITH YOU  Works when I don't have solution (1) with me
  • PRINTSCREEN, MORE. Press { RAlt + Tilde~ }.  Other buttons too, Insert, Delete, LeftClick, MiddleClick, Rightclick, etc.
  • USER CUSTOMIZABLE. I added support for anyone that did not want to use Windows Button + 5.  You can define your own hotkeys by editing the .ini file.
  • EASY AS INSTANT NOODLES. It will ask you to install at PC Startup if it's the first time running 


  • LEARNING CURVE. You have to retrain yourself on how you type F1-F12.  Which might be just as frustrating as the Adaptive Keyboard.
  • I'M SCARED OF MALWARE. I guess realistically I could have put malware in this.  But as the author and compiler of the executable, I solemnly swearthere is no malware in it.  PM me and I can send you the .AHK source code upon request to verify.  Maybe I can open source this on GitHub if there was enough attraction or if anyone wants to contribute.

CONCLUSION: Use free hotkeys if you want something right now.  Or buy the external Thinkpad keyboard if you don't want to relearn typing.  (Model KT-1255, but be sure to get the Bluetooth version, the Non-BT version is the exact same model # for some strange reason) 





And that is how I came to terms with my X1 Gen2.  I am finally at peace.  Whew!  I honestly hope these solutions will lower your blood pressure as they did mine. 


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Re: SOLVED: How I resolved my X1 2014 frustrations. AKA "Why, Lenovo, Why?"

2017-07-06, 7:29 AM

Thanks so much!  Your Macro loader and script to create new custom keyboard shortcuts worked great as a workaround to several keyboard limitations with my Carbon X1 Thinkpad.  I'm not fond of the Adaptive Keys instead of proper buttons and FN Keys.  Not having an actual screenshot button or being able to use ALT-F4 to close windows was driving me nuts.  Now I've added all sorts of new ALT- keyboard shortcuts using your Macro and Script.  


Your donation button or website isn't working so please update and I'd be glad to donate $10 or $15 or so.  


For those who use this FuncFix or AutoHotKey to create new Keyboard shortcuts, I'd recommend "remming" out or disabling several of the lines in the script, especially if you still want to use your Right-Shift button as a normal shift key.  Just disable them from the script with ";" in front of the line, and keep the ones you want. 


Note you also have to rerun the FuncFix app to reload the script, but you can save the exe and script in a new folder somewhere and launch it at Startup.  


If you don't have coding experience then try something a little more user friendly like Keyboard Express 4.  That also did the trick but was $35.  



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