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Paper Tape
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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220

Might want to check my thread, which also has links to other threads with similar issues:


Doesn't look good.  My x220 had intermittent shutdowns like yours... and then it just became worse and worse, until it wouldn't stay on anymore.  I sent my machine into Lenovo, and they diagnosed a motherboard issue.  

They've had the machine for a month now, and haven't given me any kind of reliable information on when I'll be getting it back.  They say they're waiting on the part... but they've been saying that for almost 4 weeks now.

Punch Card
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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220



I feel for you man. Smiley Sad

I wish Lenovo would take better care of their customers, especially when you read all the threads about people having trouble with the support.


For the thread:

I uninstalled the power management driver (thought I would give it a try) but I still had two reboots today. There is soon not much more I can try.


I will borrow 2*2GB RAM sticks from a friend tomorrow, hopefully this will result in something good!


Also, I have realized that the reboots occur more often when the battery is low (under 40%) and you connect the charger. I know this isn't much information but it's at least something. I will try to reproduce the issue with the new RAM's.



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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220

Tried a pair of other RAM-sticks, didn't resolve the problem.


Anyone with some more tips 'n tricks?

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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220

Probably a hardware error. I would send it back to Lenovo. 


This happens even if your computer sits idle?

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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220

Seems like I have to do that. Does anyone know if the IWS is included in the base 1yr warranty or do I have to upgrade?


I've tried to reproduce it while the computer is idle but haven't succeeded.

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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220

IWS is imclusive in all Thinkpad warranty whether it is one year or the 5 year one. The region of coverage depends on the type number.

Jin Li

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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220

Here you go ... IWS page
*Non Lenovo employee*

I have a Y2P (i5) ... Feel free to ping me if you want me to test some applications with your Y2P if you have the same model. I don't mind keep doing recovery on it if needed .... =)
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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220



Thanks guys. Lenovo's support here seems quite good. UPS will come and pick it up next Tuesday and it will take 5 business days.


Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220



Sorry that you have experienced service delays - we have had some system board part constraints on several models including the X220 and have been working to pull parts in sooner.  Things have begun to recover last week and should be caught up by early March.


If you are still on hold, please send me a PM with your service case number.  Will follow up to get this resolved.




As noted, we've seen other random shutdown discussions in the forum.  We were able to reach a final determination and a hardware update to resolve a portion of T400s customers who were affected.   On the W520, we have resolved several possible factors through BIOS updates, and there are likely some memory or system board faults that occur on an individual basis as well.  Same on X201.  


In your case, I'd probably contact service as the next logical step.


Best regards,








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Re: Spontaneous shutdown of X220

Got my computer back from repair yesterday. Thanks Lenovo for the quick turn around time!


Seems good so far!