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X1 - Slice battery not charging (Battery 2: A battery error has occured.)


When using the X1 slice battery, the Lenovo Power Manager is showing: Battery 2: A battery error has occurred. The battery cannot be charged. Replace the battery.


Second Battery: Condition Poor


Slice error.JPG


                                                                   Revision : 01
Software name      Lenovo Battery Firmware Update Utility

Support models     ThinkPad L410, L412
                   ThinkPad L510, L512
                   ThinkPad SL410
                   ThinkPad SL510
                   ThinkPad T410
                   ThinkPad T510
                   ThinkPad W510
                   ThinkPad X1
                   ThinkPad X100e                   

                   ThinkPad Edge 13"  (Machine types: 0196, 0197, 0492)
                   ThinkPad Edge 14", 15"
                   ThinkPad Edge E30  (Machine types: 0196, 0197, 0492)
                   ThinkPad Edge E40, E50
                   ThinkPad Edge E220s
                   ThinkPad Edge E420s

Operating Systems  Microsoft Windows 7  32-bit, 64-bit
                   Microsoft Windows Vista  32-bit, 64-bit
                   Microsoft Windows XP  Professional SP3

                   Refer to marketing materials to find out what computer models
                   support which Operating Systems.

Version            1.09

Support batteries  FRU P/N : 42T4708  (ASM P/N : 42T4709)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4714  (ASM P/N : 42T4715)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4737  (ASM P/N : 42T4738)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4757  (ASM P/N : 42T4758)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4797  (ASM P/N : 42T4796)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4803  (ASM P/N : 42T4802)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4783  (ASM P/N : 42T4782)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4789  (ASM P/N : 42T4788)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4831  (ASM P/N : 42T4830)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4807  (ASM P/N : 42T4806)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4815  (ASM P/N : 42T4814)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4839  (ASM P/N : 42T4838)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4848  (ASM P/N : 42T4758)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4849  (ASM P/N : 42T4709)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4850  (ASM P/N : 42T4738)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4851  (ASM P/N : 42T4715)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4852  (ASM P/N : 42T4796)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4853  (ASM P/N : 42T4802)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4854  (ASM P/N : 42T4782)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4855  (ASM P/N : 42T4788)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4856  (ASM P/N : 42T4830)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4857  (ASM P/N : 42T4806)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4858  (ASM P/N : 42T4814)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4929  (ASM P/N : 42T4928)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4933  (ASM P/N : 42T4932)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4937  (ASM P/N : 42T4936)
                   FRU P/N : 42T4939  (ASM P/N : 42T4938)


  This package updates the battery firmware stored in the battery pack to fix
  problems, add new functions, or expand functions as noted below.

  This program is language independent and can be used with any language system.

  Version 1.09

[Important updates]

[New functions or enhancements]
- Added support for ThinkPad Battery 39+ (6 cell Slice) for ThinkPad X1.
- Added support for the following battery.
    FRU P/N : 42T4939  (ASM P/N : 42T4978)

[Problem fixed]



 Download Latest Battery firmware via Lenovo Support site here


Special Instructions for X1 Slice battery that is already showing the Battery Error symptom above:
The FW update may still be applied and will in most cases reset the battery error. In this case, please do the following:
1. If the X1 system hangs at power on (i.e., won't boot), disconnect the AC Adapter, remove the Slice battery, and press the Power Reset switch through the access hole in the X1 bottom cover.
2. Shutdown (Power Off) the X1 system.
3. Attach the Slice Battery and slide the latch to lock it.
4. Important: Connect AC Adapter before powering on.
5. Power On the X1 system with AC Adapter and Slice Battery attached.
6. Launch the Battery FW update utility and follow the instructions on the screen.

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HarryNewton On 2015-08-29, 6:13 AM

i have the same problem with a X230 and a slice. my  powermanager says the second battery (the slice) has an error. I downloaded and installed the latest firmware above. But that changed nothing. I still have an error message on battery 2. what now????????????????????????????????????//

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