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Paper Tape
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X61 with Ultrabase X6, no optical drive

I just aquired an X61 with an X6 Ultrabase.  The X6 Ultrabase is P/N 42W4635 and FRU P/N 42W4634.  The part number on Lenovo's website appears to be 40Y8116 though, so I'm not sure if it's the same part.  Mine does not have an optical drive in it, so I would like to purchase a DVD burner.  External is not an option.  Will any slim IDE DVD burner work, like these on NewEgg, or do I have to buy one directly from Lenovo?
Serial Port
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Re: X61 with Ultrabase X6, no optical drive

I did a search for that part number and I received this link Alternate part numbers for Ultrabase


Looks like you have the right one.  As for using any type of slim drive, I'm not sure.  Best bet is to go with the Lenovo models.

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Re: X61 with Ultrabase X6, no optical drive

Any Ultrabay Slim drive will do.