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x200 graphical corruption


X200 running Win 7 Professional, and the main programs I use are Office 2007 and Firefox.


What happens is that after bootup, the computer is normal for about 10 mins, and then suddenly a ton of graphical errors, mainly "tearing" show up on the screen. They can usually be temporarily made to disappear by minimizing and maximizing the screen, or by switching to a different tab, but once it starts, it never goes away.


What are the likely causes of this, and what can be done to resolve it?




Interlaced vertical bands of "static", distored window corners, or outlying patches of distorted video or artifacts / pixelated lines may be attributed to the enablement of some virtualization settings, memory configurations, and video driver levels.


Update drivers to latest level, or try one of the following recommended configuration options.


Option 1: Disable Virtualization Technology for Directed-IO (VT-d). This can be done in the BIOS setup utility. When the system is first booting (during POST), press F1 to enter the setup utility. Then enter the Config menu, and the CPU submenu. Change VT-d to disabled.


Option 2: Make sure that there is only one memory DIMM in the system.


Option 3: Make sure that the two memory DIMMs in the system are of equal size. For example, both are 2GB.


See the following formal tip for more infomation and examples.





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