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Allowing user to disable 90 days password rotation for lxc-supervisor accounts



May I know base on what security standard  the local super user password need to be rotated every 90 days ? 

I like to be able to disable this default password rotattion restriction at my own risk.



  • According to information icon, one can set password expiration period to 0.


  •  But when you tried to set it to 0, you got error. Following is from 2.3.0 version.




Lenovo Staff
Status changed to: Tell Us More

Hi tjyang, thanks for posting.  Can you tell us what version of XClarity Administrator you are using?

Lenovo Staff



Can you tell me if you also set the Password expiration warning period setting to 0 ?  You can't set the expiration setting to a value less than the warning period, so to disable password expiration you have to make both of these settings 0.  


Hi @Sard


Thanks for the tip. I  don't see the error message with your pointer. The lxca is version 2.3.0.

May be the error message can display your tip more speficically ? 



Lenovo Staff



I'm glad you were able to get the setting you wanted.  The last sentence in the error popup does address this, but I agree it could be a bit more clear.  I will see about updating the wording in a future release.  


Thanks again for your feedback.  

Lenovo Staff
Status changed to: Not able to implement

No functional changes planned; will review wording of message for improvement.