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Connectivity Tester / Rediscovery

In my use of LXCA, on occasion, we have servers and/or chassis with (connectivity) against their name, or to be offline entirely. This results in being unable to deploy firmware to these servers, or in the case of being offline we can't monitor the state of them. When this occurs we normally restart the XCC/IMM and then restart LXCA. In some cases we just restart LXCA.

We would like to manually (via GUI) attempt a re-connection to a specific server (XCC/IMM/CMM) which is offline or has connectivity issues without a restart of LXCA. 


During the reconnection attempt to the IMM/XCC/CMM, detailed information would be useful. For example,

IP ping test = passed

Port Connectivity test = passed

Endpoint API test = passed


Attempting connection = passed


Ideally, if the tests pass, then the connection should be successful. Any failures should show detailed information of what failed. eg, couldn't connnect from eth0 on LXCA (IP X.X.X.X) to IMM (Y.Y.Y.Y) over PORT Z.


Having this would allow for tests to be done with internal networking teams to 'attempt the connection' which can be shown as being dropped or blocked.