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Create temporary credentials to the CMMs and IMMs when opening webconsole from the LXCA

Would be nice once opening web console to the LXCA managed components to be logged in automaticaly with temporary credentials (both to the CMMs and IMMs), like it is when you are opening IMM console from CMM  web console

Former Employee
Status changed to: Acknowledged

This idea will be reviewed by the planning team for further consideration.

Former Employee
Status changed to: Considering Implementation

The planning team has reviewed and requested this move forward in process for consideration in a future release.  It will be tracked as LXCA-2067 in our backlog for prioritization.


TitleAs a user, I want to launch an endpoint UI from within LXCA and be able to use that UI without entering username and password


Description: Single signon between LXCA and its managed endpoints using the oauth2 authorization protocol.


Acceptance Criteria:  When logged into LXCA and viewing one of the inventory pages (servers, storage, switches, chassis...etc.), a user should be able to click a link and be taken to the home page of the associated device without being required to enter a username and password.  It is expected that some devices may not support initially.


If the information provided is incorrect or incomplete or if there are specific devices required feel free to provide additional comments.  At the point the initial implementation is provided, it will be moved to "Implemented" and the release provided will be updated.

Thank you for participation and idea!