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Download CSV to match UI Columns

Description of Issue

'Download CSV' is used in LXCA around many areas.





However the columns in the downloaded CSV file doesn't match what is displayed in LXCA.

For example, under Warranty you can have the following columns,

-Endpoint, Product Name, Type-Model, Warranty Number, Serial Number, Start Date, Expiration Date, Status, Group


However the CSV file always has the same columns, 

- Device UUID, Device Type, Serial Number, Warranty Type, Warranty Start Date, Warranty End Date, Warranty Status.



Have the downloaded file match the columns presented in the UI. Ensure that changes to 'Customise Column' is reflected in the downloaded file.



Low. Doesn't affect services or manageability of the product. Bug-bear only.

Lenovo Staff
Status changed to: Not able to implement

Hi, thanks for your input/suggestion.


Actually the CSV download worked as you suggest at one time but we had other customers request a consistent format to facilitate post-processing.  


This may be considered as a selectable option in a follow-on product (stay tuned) but for now I would suggest that adjusting columns in the resulting spreadsheet would be the best approach.  



Paper Tape

THanks for the reply. 

If thats the case. Why not include all possible columns which are selectable/possible?

In this case you meet both requirements, the format is consistent for post-processing and all columns are available.


Either way, i look forward to the follow-on product.